About Us


"We play Kubb for the enjoyment, the thrill and the competitiveness.  Every game of Kubb is different, which is what makes this game so special.  We strive to play the game with as much fun and integrity as possible.  It is our mission to spread the joy of Kubb to a diverse population while creating positive life experiences and friendships that will enhance our communities."

Jeff Merryfield

Dedicated to playing, practicing and promoting the great game of Kubb. I began playing during the Spring of 2015 and haven't stopped since.  Kubb is an incredible game that can be both leisurely fun and very competitive. During the summer of 2015, I logged nearly 200 games of Kubb and try to play as much as I can.  Over the past 2 years, I've been introducing Kubb to as many friends and family as possible. We've had small tournaments in our back yard and I've been fortunate enough to be involved in some larger tournaments as well. We've even started a Kubb league near our area!  Our goal is to spread the game of Kubb to as many people as possible! Kubb Life!

Derek Berger

I first began playing Kubb in the fall of 2014 at Norman's All Star tourney.  Since that day I have been playing Kubb as much as possible.  I enjoy how Kubb can be relaxing and ultra-competitive.  The game of Kubb has been introduced to everyone in my family, and we all love it. Kubb is played at every family function. I have had the privilege to play in multiple tournaments including US Nationals.  With each tournament I meet wonderful people and learn new skills. I embrace winning on the pitch and look forward to every opportunity to Kubblife.

Alan Gardebrecht

I picked up my first Kubb in 2015 when Derek Berger brought the game to a family gathering. My favorite backyard game had always been throwing a few bags, but I was instantly addicted to Kubb after toppling the King in my first match.  Even though the baton strike shares similarities with the bag toss, the strategic play is what really attracts me to the game.  Fast forward several more family gatherings and a few tournaments...it’s been fun to hone my skills and introduce the game to a growing group of friends.  I look forward to continue to share this great game with as many folks as possible.  I’m fortunate to be included in the Kubb community and I’m proud to be living the Kubb Life!

Kyle Frydach

My first game of Kubb played was the spring of 2015. From then on I try playing Kubb whenever there's enough room and people around. I love watching others play to learn new tricks and techniques to become a better player. I enjoy playing competitively in tournaments and leagues and also playing for fun. I carry a Kubb set everywhere I go in case there's an opportunity to teach friends and even strangers how to play. I love seeing Kubb grow more and more popular everyday. Kubb life!

Steve Beyer

I was introduced to Kubb during the summer of 2015 by the other members of Kubb Life.  Although skeptical at first, I quickly realized that the combination of physical skills and strategy was going to stick with me.  Since that time, I have continued to play as regularly as possible. Including trying to find/set up spotlights so we could play late into many different evenings.  That said, I was truly hooked earlier this summer when I played in my first tournament outing Madison.  Having the chance to meet so many great people and seeing how much everyone encourages each other while playing was just awesome.  So now I try to spread the Kubb Life as often as possible!